Ken Seeley, CIP, CCMI–M


Ken Seeley has remained professionally and personally involved in recovery since his sobriety date of July 14, 1989. He applies his relevant experience and boundless enthusiasm to change the lives of people suffering from the disease of addiction – for individuals, their family, and their friends. Ken works with clients to realign family systems to support recovery through his work as the founder of Intervention 911 and Ken Seeley Rehab. Ken is featured on the Emmy Award-Winning, A&E television series Intervention since 2005. He is often asked to speak on addiction. He is often asked to speak on addiction at conferences, town halls, and on television. Ken is the author of “Face It and Fix It” published by Harper Collins in 2009. Ken was honored to present to the British Parliament about “Intervention and the Continuum of Care” to create lasting recovery for those suffering from this disease.

Ken is a Certified Case Manager Interventionist, Certified Intervention Professional, and Certified Trauma. Today, Ken still derives the greatest personal satisfaction from the hundreds of interventions he has conducted, organized, and facilitated through Intervention 911.

In 2007, Ken held one of the first trainings for interventionists in London and now conducts multiple trainings each year that focus on the development of intervention and case management skills. After years in the recovery industry, he realized that recovery is a process that takes time. People plagued by addiction and mental health issues do not stay sober with just an intervention and treatment; it’s all about the continuum of care and subsequent follow-up, just like any other illness. In 2008, Intervention 911 initiated a long term case management program, which supports the recovery process for individuals and their families who are impacted by addiction for one to five years. In 2011, Ken opened Ken Seeley Communities, a sober living community in Palm Springs, CA. In 2015, he opened an Intensive Out-Patient Program to create the seamless continuum of care to support the person suffering with an addiction. At that time he worked with The Joint Commission to create policies and procedures for case management in the behavioral health field. In 2016 Ken Seeley Communities was the first organization to become Joint Commission accredited for case managment. That same year, Ken worked closely with Breining Institute to create a new credential CCMI, Certified Case Manager Interventionist. In 2018, he added a licensed medical detox and residential care to the Ken Seeley family of treatment services. Ken and his team opened Mental Wellness KS in 2020, and it is the areas first dedicated, primary mental health inpatient facility in Coachella Valley.

Ken’s personal experience of addiction and recovery fuel his desire to impact others in similar situations. He has a full understanding of the addict’s behavior. His innate compassion for fellow addicts continually bolsters his ability to connect and communicate with addicts and their families. Ken has applied his personal struggle with addiction to the intervention equation. This is an asset that has become a valuable catalyst in Intervention 911’s and Ken Seeley Community’s impressive results.

Ken’s remarkable success rate has turned him into one of the most sought-after interventionists in the country. Doctors and healthcare professionals look to people like him to solve their patient’s addiction and mental health issues. His knowledge and unique perspective have also made him the #1 go-to expert on the subject of addiction and intervention with the media, where he’s a regular contributor for CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and many others.

Eric McLaughlin, MSW, CCMI-M, CIP


Eric McLaughlin is the CEO of The Ken Seeley Group which includes Intervention 911 and Ken Seeley Communities. Eric graduated from USC School of Social Work in December 2016 and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Eric enjoyed his education at USC and has begun the process of learning benefits and implementation of evidence-based practices in interventions, treatment, and therapy. He oversees all Clinical Services including intervention, treatment and long-term case management for all clients of Intervention 911 and Ken Seeley Communities. Eric loves the variety of services offered under the Ken Seeley Group. His specialty is working with family systems to intervene and reset the trajectory of families that have been impacted by addiction and mental health issues. Eric combines his clinical background with his long-term intervention experience to deal with clients and families struggling with, Intervention 911 has been offering training to interventionists for over ten years. Training has always been one of his strengths. He has worked hard to create a robust training for interventionists and case managers in the behavioral healthcare field.
Eric loves to travel and frequently is on the road doing interventions and attending conferences.

Medical Staff

Julian Sandoval | CNA

Detox Nurse

Julian Sandoval CNA Is a service-focused nursing professional with excellent patient care and charting skills. 3 years of home healthcare, while Coordinate with physicians, assisting in vital signs, patient monitoring, and medication administration. His goals are to promote positive patient care and build a foundation of a support network that favors sobriety and living clean. Interests are providing outstanding patient care, continuing his education in the medical field, and reading.

Debra Liyod | PMHNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Debra has devoted her entire nursing career to working with psychiatric and chemically dependent patients. She is a graduate of Mount St. Mary’s college and received her master’s degree at Maryville University. In addition to her certification as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Debra carries certifications in addiction nursing (CARN) and public health nursing (PHN).
Megan brings to Headlands extensive experience as a human resources representative at the University of Chicago and as an advocate/outreach director for disadvantaged children. She holds a master’s degree in industrial organizational psychology from Emporia University.
committed to providing excellent, compassionate patient care in.

Clinical Staff


Clinical Director

Jasmin offers psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families at KSC. She is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and she keeps a private practice in Beverly Hills for many years. Jasmin’s professional experience includes positions as Clinical Director, psychotherapist, supervisor, and group facilitator at various chemical recovery treatment centers in Los Angeles and Palm Springs. 

Having spent many years in the field of addiction and recovery, on both a professional and personal level, she knows what it takes to leave behind destructive behavior patterns in favor of actions that promote prosperity and success, and has dedicated her life to using her experience for service to others. In her work she utilizes the “alchemy” of turning weakness into strength, passing on resources and tools for recovery from emotional pain, depression, anxiety, and addiction for healing, wellbeing, and prosperity.

Dr. Sandy Islands, Ph.D, CPCC, CADC II

Trauma Therapist

Sandy Islands is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She has been a licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida for over 30 years and moved to CA in 2016 to be closer to her son. She holds Masters’ degrees in Speech Pathology and Counseling from West Virginia University and a Master’s in Creative Writing from Seton Hill University. She holds a PhD in Hypnotherapy from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. She is the owner of Energy Illumination, LLC and provides Spirit Energy Conversations.
She uses EMDR and Hypnotherapy for trauma reprocessing. Sandy has worked in Private Practice, Community College, Drug Court, Hospital
and Treatment Program settings. She has been a Clinical and Program Director and Manager. She’s produced 5 Guided Meditation CD’s including a 12 Step, Having Had a Spiritual Awakening. She’s written and produced 4 rhyming children’s audio books, a thought for the daybook and a novel. “Counseling is a journey for both the client and therapist as they enter into the mysterious, finding clues along the way to discover and change old patterns. There is an awakening that reveals their Truth within. And in doing so, the client comes to know, realize and honor their True Self that that they have always been.” Sandy has 27 years clean and sober and actively works the 12-Step recovery program.

Richard Noble | CATC-II, RAS, CCMI

Case Manager | Group Facilitator

Richard Noble is an Advanced Addiction Specialist who specializes in case management and interventions. He helps groups and individuals in the rehabilitation process. In 2017 he was named Recovery Hero of the Year for his personal accomplishment in the national recovery arena. He brings his professional skills after having personal recovery, sober living management and counseling in private treatment and lastly providing counseling in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He loves his community and is highly involved in spirituality. He is deeply committed to the environment, human rights and student safety and loves to see movies, eat with friends and travel. Most importantly he loves the curriculum he delivers to the client because he knows it saves lives. He loves Vegan food and if he could, he’d adopt a Koala Bear.

Mark Accomando

Spiritual Education Group Facilitator

Mark Accomando graduated from The Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) Ministerial Program in 2001 and now is an ordained minister. He currently serves the Palm Springs Spiritual Center as Staff Minister and former Senior Minister and Director of the Center for Spiritual Living in Raleigh, North Carolina. He also served as an Assistant Staff Minister in Chicago during his three-year internship, Spiritual Director of Family and Youth programs at CSL Palm Desert, and as Director of teen programs at annual Center for Spiritual Living conferences.

In 2011 Mark founded Evoke Peace Now with an intended focus to work with inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery treatment facilities. Working along with the clinic advice of the CEO and Clinical Staff of Michaels House Residential Treatment Center, Mark wrote an evidenced based curriculum called Spiritual Education in Recovery. Mark most recently completed Marsha Linehan’s Phd. DBT Skills Course focused on the four pillars of DBT Skills including Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness and Distress Tolerance.

For the past 9 years Mark has been sharing Spiritual Education lessons, experiential workshops, simple daily practices, inspiring messages and guided meditations which support clients through the healing process and emotional regulation practices. He also facilitates retreats and speaks at Spiritual Centers around the country and leads local community meditation groups and transformational workshops sharing what he calls “Peace Practices.”

Mark has developed an extensive private practice of spiritual guidance and shares simple Practical Spiritual Principles. He currently shares his practical spiritual practices throughout the Coachella Valley serving clients weekly in group workshops, meditations, and Spiritual Nature Adventures as is a certified Wilderness First Responder. His spiritual guidance is helping people to align and recover their spiritual path while healing from emotional, mental and spiritual disturbances and addictions.

Mark is currently working on publishing his second healing meditation and music album using Tibetan Sing bowls, Piaste Gongs, and Native American Flutes which he also plays in is his experiential group sessions. Mark is an inspiring public speaker, sharing insightful messages for following the passion of the heart, which leads to living a happy, productive and a fully self-expressed life.

Camila Hayter | RaDT-1

Clinical Coordinator

With over 4 years of experience in the field of drug and alcohol abuse treatment, Camila brings to KSC an unique background. She was raised in Brazil, has a bachelor’s degree in interior design but her passion always been to help people. After 10 years living in England where she had a successful ethnic furniture shop, she moved to Thailand where she started to work as a support worker and admission coordinator at The Dawn rehab center. Camila used her empathic nature, non-judgmental attitude and her own experience being in recovery to provide help and support for clients in early recovery. She quick realized her passion and abilities in her work helping others rebuild their lives free from addiction. she moved to California in 2015 to pursue her education in Drug and Alcohol studies and obtain her Associate degree. Camila did her internship at the Betty Ford Center and feels honored to be part of the KSC team. Camila has been a fan of A&E show intervention for more than 10 years, watching it in different parts of the world and always admired Ken Selley’s career and professionalism. Camila brings her diverse culture experience, great interpersonal skills and empathic attitude to our program. Camila’s enthusiasm in helping clients to find their strengths and live their full potential makes her a great asset to KSC team.

Camila is very family oriented; she has been married for 13 years, and have 2 lovely kids, Lotus 10, and Phoenix 3.

Itzel Diaz | BA, RADT-1

Case Manager | Group Facilitator

Itzel possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and is currently working towards an Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certification as a CADA. Itzel has a passion for helping people. She is motivated in working collaboratively with clients towards a successful future. Itzel is a Spanish Speaker and is proud of her multicultural background.


Team Captain

Louis is the newest member of the KSC Team… Louie was adopted in January of 2020 and has gotten right to work! He is very calm and loving and enjoys being present at the office to see how he can help. Louie is working hard at learning how to be supportive and hopes to be a friendly face to the clients we serve.

Kevin Feig | M.D

Addiction Specialist

Dr. Feig is attended medical school at New York Medical College. He completed his residency in Preventive Medicine and Public Health at State University of New York at Stony Brook. Dr. Feig is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and General Preventive Medicine with eight years of Addiction Medicine experience.

Kelly Mullins | PMHNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Kelly has a long history of service. She served as an Army Healthcare Specialist and medic in Iraq and Honduras and as an RN at UCSD prior to achieving her designation as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Azusa Pacific University and Psychiatric Family Nurse Practitioner at University of Cincinnati. She has extensive experience in primary care, psychiatry and addiction medicine.

Olga Jackson | FHNP

Family Health Nurse Practitioner

Olga has 10 years of nursing experience, receiving her RN in 2011 and Family Nurse Practitioner designation in 2018 from South University. She has extensive experience in behavioral health and addiction medicine. She is currently participating in her clinical requirements for PMHNP designation.


Kelly Forward | BA

Program Manager

Kelly hails from the East Coast, a native of Asheville, NC. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the College in Charleston in Charleston, SC and applied her degree in organizational management and development, gaining 10 + years of experience in the finance, technology, and law sectors. She prides herself with an ability to build enduring relationships and connect with people on both the individual and organizational level.

Kelly’s own struggle with substance abuse brought her to Palm Springs in 2018. Desperate and having worked to achieve and maintain sobriety for nearly half a decade, she sought a change of coast to bring about a change in perspective. As she is extremely close with her family in NC, moving wasn’t easy, but since coming to California, Kelly has built a family in recovery at KSC and in Palm Springs. Kelly has worked for Ken Seeley Communities in various capacities for over a year and has begun continuing her education in psychology and substance abuse counseling.

Kelly has a passion for vegetarian cooking, reading, thrift store shopping, and the beach and the mountains. The Buddhist quote “The trouble is, you think you have time.” embodies where is Kelly is currently in both life and recovery – working to stay present, focused, and connected to make good use of the life she’s been gracefully given.
dear to both of us.

My life has always included this desire to help others. My experience with the Ken Seeley Family further affords me additional growth & satisfaction in caring for those fighting with addition & abuse.

Delia Nielsen

Lead House Manager

Delia is alumni of their program with almost 2 years clean and sober. I did detox and sober living for the first 9 months of my sobriety which helped me with routines, schedules, accountability and so much more.

I am the house manager for the Amado sober living property and have been for over a year now. I am here to help the clients after the residential phase of the program. I live on property with the clients, I see and communicate with them daily. I help the clients build and maintain a daily sober routine. I help them with everyday activities from cleaning, looking for jobs, helping them find a meeting, or just being someone to listen if they need. The sober living community is a great way to gradually get connected in the program while having a safe and sober atmosphere. I try and lead by example to everyone who comes through here that a living a clean and sober life in recovery can be amazing if you put the work in.
“Our disease involved much more than just using drugs, so our recovery must involve much more than simple abstinence.

Cary Monette

Administrative Assistant

Cary comes to us after 8 years of office management experience in the non-profit sector. Cary has a degree in business administration and is the administrative assistant for Ken Seeley communities. Cary enjoys helping others and likes being a team player. Cary sings with Modern Men, a choral ensemble.

Justin has been driving for the company for 6 months and is often the first face clients see when they get off the plane. He just reached another milestone in his personal recovery. He just received his Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician Certification from CAPP. Despite having a successful history in business Justin has chosen to make his future working in the field of addiction recovery.

Sherry Balsamo

HR Department

 I am 25 years old. I attended The University of Hartford with a major in education. I need up going through addiction for years but now I am clean and sober have a beautiful one-year old daughter and now I work in recovery and absolutely love it! Born and raised on the east coast, and now reside in California. I now have a great life. Helping fellow addicts is my passion. I work in the Human Resource Department at Ken Seeley’s communities.

Jennifer Lopez

Behavioral Tech

Jennifer Lopez Works as Behavioral Health Technician for Ken Seeley Rehab
And is the House House Manager of The Palm Tee sober living Facility .She is a member of CCAPP And certified RADT-1 She Studied Business Management at
Cal State Fullerton and is currently working on her Alcohol and Drug Studies Degree with her major in Psychology and take her CADAC to be a drug and Alcohol Counselor. She is the Mother of Two, Engaged to be married and she is dedicated to help others on their path to recovery and a better life. she is also An alumni of Ken Seeley’s Program.
“Be the light that shines in other peoples lives that helps guide them and find their way” J Lopez

Esther Kim

Behavioral Health Technician

Esther joined the Ken Seeley Intervention 911 and Mental Wellness in July of 2020. Esther attended school in Santa Barbara and earned her degree in Human Services and earned her certification at American Career College in Medication Technician. She is a License Medication Technician. Prior to coming to Ken Seeley Intervention 911 and Mental Wellness, Esther’s previous experience includes working at a crisis residential facility for co-occurring disorders, serving as Program Coordinator and Medication Technician. She has also been the Program Coordinator and Medication Technician of outpatient services for dually diagnosed individuals and has provided intensive case management to adults, adolescents and children for over 10 years. During that same time frame Esther also worked with Senior Living population patients that require Memory Care/Hospice/Assisting Living. Most recently, Esther was a Medication Technician providing and/or arranged for a combination of assistance with activities of daily living, personalized support, and healthcare services for seniors at Senior Resource Group. Esther offers compassion, knowledge and support in many areas. She is passionate about working in an environment with people that are trying to change their lives. She is a firm believer in integrated treatment services. Esther’s goal is to provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment where patients can work toward recovery and self-sufficiency. She enjoys working with diverse populations and respects the process a patient takes in reaching their goals. When she is not working, Esther loves spending time with her husband and her cat.

Admissions | Marketing

LaMitchell Person | RADT-i

Admissions Director | Marketing Specialist

LaMitchell has been in the recovery community since 2015. He is originally from Eufaula, Alabama, where he attended Jacksonville State University. Prior to moving to California LaMitchell worked in sales, marketing and operational management for Panel Processing Inc and Johnson Outdoors Inc.

LaMitchell is an RADT-i and is currently working on his CADC certification. LaMitchell initially worked as an Admissions and Marketing Manager for Palm Desert Recovery Center and soon became a coordinator for Intervention911. In 2017, he was promoted to Admission Director and Marketing Specialist for Ken Seeley Communities.

LaMitchell welcomes new clients into Ken Seeley Communities and performs outreach campaigns to clients and the community. He loves to work with the families and impact the lives of other people by helping them find value in their past mistakes and helping them gain the courage to enter treatment. He recently was blessed with a son name Ryan. He enjoys spending time with his family, coaching soccer, and teaching Ryan how to be a true University of Alabama Football Fan.

Jeffrey Seltzer | CCAPP, CAADE

Residential Group Facilitator

Jeffrey Seltzer has dedicated his life to helping families, and their love ones since 1999. Jeffrey has worked in the field of Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse with adolescents, adults and seniors. Jeffrey prides himself with spending time on the phone with people until they get there needs met.

Along with working with Ken Seeley and Eric for the past 14 years, Jeffrey worked with families and their loved ones at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla California for 16 years, Hazleton Betty Ford for three years and Episcopel’s community services for his first three years in the field.

Families say when Jeffrey answers the phone and says, “This is Jeffrey I can help you.” They are mediately put at ease.

Gus Tarrant

Marketing Specialist

Gus Tarrant was raised in San Antonio Texas before moving to Vermont as a teen. He graduated from Mount Mansfield Union Highschool where he enjoyed playing football and snowboarding. Gus’ own struggles with addiction and mental health issues led to him living in many states across the east coast and eventually took him to California. Gus was a patient at Ken Seeley communities where he learned to live a sober and healthy life which has allowed him to enter the Recovery industry with a clear mind. Although he does not hold any formal accreditation Gus has dealt with the struggles and consequences of living an unhealthy lifestyle and now wants to help bring others onto the path of recovery that has saved his life and while working for Ken Seeley is working to continue his education to further help those in the same position he was once in.

Rory Slikker | RADT-1


Rory comes to us with over 10 years of experience in hospitality, customer care, and armed with experience from his own struggles with drug addiction. As a fresh face in the recovery scene, Rory’s compassion, care, and kind heart give him the ability to help families navigate and further understand their need for an intervention, drug/alcohol rehab, residential mental health treatment, or some combination thereof for themselves or for a loved one. “being able to help families battling the disease of addiction is one of the most fulfilling opportunities I’ve ever had. Next to teaching dance to little ones back home in Lompoc.. …seriously, how can you beat ‘hi Mister Woahwee’ coming from a bunch of 6-year-olds when you walk into a room?”
Rory is a Registered Alcohol, Drug Technician (RADT-I), pursuing his Certified Case Management Interventionist (CCMI) credential with Ken Seeley Rehab and California Consortium of Addiction Programs And Professionals Certification (CCAPP) at College of the Desert.

Drew LaPage | B.A

Marketing Specialist

Drew La Page is the Outreach Specialist for Ken Seeley Communities, but if you ask him, he thinks of himself more as a community connector, brand amplifier, and a storyteller. Drew thrives when he gets to be creative so you will most likely find him at his desk conceptualizing new ways to showcase our efforts as we continue to help those battling addiction and mental health.

Drew was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN where he graduated in 2019 with a BA in Professional Communication from Metropolitan State University. It was there that he learned the ins-and-outs of PR and marketing from some of the best in the industry and after a year long internship, where he curated social media and special events for a local non-profit, he relocated to Palm Springs, CA to start his career.

When Drew isn’t in the office, he’s out enjoying all that Palm Springs has to offer. Whether it’s food and shopping downtown, hiking through the mountains with his dogs, or just lounging by the pool, he’s always taking it one day at a time.

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