Treatment should never be one-size-fits-all. With so many individuals falling victim to substance abuse and addiction, facilities should provide their clients with a wide range of addiction treatment programs and service options to ensure they receive the best care possible. One option clients may participate in is an intensive outpatient program.

Why Choose an Intensive Outpatient Program

group of friends at after their IOP or intensive outpatient program

An IOP serves a couple of purposes when it comes to its place in the treatment lineup. The most obvious purpose is a lower level of care from a residential or partial hospitalization program. As clients work through their treatment plan, they participate in different levels of treatment. While residential addiction treatment provides the most immersive and intensive treatment, an IOP continues to give structure but less extensive. Through this program, clients can continue to attend meetings, participate in therapy sessions, and check in with their case manager. However, they won’t be at the facility for as long and return to their home every evening.

The other purpose an intensive outpatient program serves as a starting point for those unable to stay at a facility, or for those with less severe abuse problems. As we said before, everyone is different, so not everyone requires such an immersive program like residential treatment. Instead, an IOP could provide just the level of support and care they need to turn their life around.

The Ken Seeley Rehab Experience

When it comes to the best intensive outpatient program available in California, Ken Seeley Rehab Center is the name you can trust. With multiple levels of care and an approach to treatment that works, Ken Seeley Rehab is your best option for substance abuse and addiction treatment.

What makes the Ken Seeley Rehab experience different than the rest? Our founder is a great place to begin. Since 1989, Ken Seeley has been on his own road to recovery. He understands how difficult the process can be and that the journey never ends. This is why he established a facility that works.

Our focus on family involvement is another way we help our clients unlike any other facility around. From start to finish, we work hard to keep family members and loved ones in the loop when it comes to the treatment process and progress. This is because we know how important family love and support can be to the effectiveness and success of treatment.

Along with our intensive outpatient program, we also offer our clients the following:

  • Aftercare
  • Family recovery
  • 12 and non 12 step meetings
  • 5-year recovery plans

To learn more about Ken Seeley Rehab and how to begin with our IOP, reach out today at (855) 425-8094. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals of long-lasting sobriety.