therapist ready to discuss partial hospitalization program or PHP With addiction and substance abuse continuing to plague the country, more people are seeking out treatment. Since no two people are the same when it comes to their experiences, backgrounds, and needs, we need more than one approach to addiction and substance abuse treatment. By providing individuals with different levels of care, we are giving them their best possible chance at long-lasting recovery. One of these levels is a partial hospitalization program.

Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program

A partial hospitalization program brings several benefits to clients who participate. For one, a PHP is an effective level in a full treatment plan. Instead of spending time in only one program, clients should work through the different levels for their best chance at success. The more time spent in treatment, the better your chances will be at achieving the long-lasting recovery you deserve. A PHP also provides clients with the flexibility of returning home without simply cutting them loose from treatment.

Is a PHP Right For You?

A partial hospitalization program can be the ideal choice for two different types of clients. The best candidate for a PHP is one who is stepping down from a residential program. Instead of jumping back into their normal routine at home, they can experience the support and structure of treatment during the day while returning home at night. A PHP is also ideal for those who need treatment, but can’t take the time away from their home. If you believe you’re ready to participate in a partial hospitalization program, it’s time to speak with your case manager at Ken Seeley Rehab.

Ken Seeley Rehab

When you’re ready to become accountable for your recovery journey, you’re ready for Ken Seeley Rehab. Here, clients are working side by side with our case managers to make their time in treatment as effective as possible. We also believe that the work doesn’t stop when you leave our facility. This is why we provide ongoing support and guidance long after your program is up. Keeping our clients accountable is one of the many reasons why our approach to recovery at Ken Seeley Rehab works. Another reason why? We know about addiction. With decades of experience in helping ourselves and our clients, our team has the training, knowledge, and compassion necessary to help people achieve their goals.

Along with a PHP option, we provide our clients with the following:

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