young woman after a residential addiction treatment programWhen you find yourself trapped within the cycle of addiction, it can feel impossible to break free. Finding help seems pointless and many tend to lose hope of living a healthy, normal life again. However, by choosing the right residential addiction treatment program, individuals can break the cycle and get their life back on track. But why choose residential addiction treatment? Will it really make a difference?

The truth is, it will. Research and studies show that the longer an individual stays in treatment, the better their chances at success will be. This is because the individual spends less time in their original harmful environment and more time surrounded by the care and support ideal for healing.

What to Expect at a Residential Addiction Treatment Center

When you enter a residential addiction treatment program, you are allowing yourself to be immersed in the treatment process. Since you will be living at the facility, you will be removing the triggers that encourage your habit. This can include stressors, people, and even places that remind you of using or encourage the substance abuse.

Through residential addiction treatment, you benefit from a structured daily schedule that you may not have at home. Throughout the day, clients participate in numerous therapy sessions, group meetings, and other activities that keep their mind on their healing and away from the cravings of using. Clients will also learn how to implement structure in their home lives once they complete treatment.

Family involvement and support during residential treatment are also vital. Through family therapy, family members will learn how to support their loved one best when they return home. Without this crucial component, their support system will remain incomplete.

Choose Ken Seeley Rehab for Your Residential Addiction Treatment Program

At Ken Seeley Rehab, we’re ready to hold our clients accountable for their recovery journey. While we work hard to support and guide our clients, we share the work. We push our clients every step of the way to ensure they receive only the best care and the most effective treatment options available. Through our range of addiction treatment programs and our luxury amenities, it’s no wonder our residential addiction treatment center is the go-to place for healing in Palm Springs, California. Along with our residential addiction treatment program, we also provide the following for our clients:

  • 12 and non 12 step meetings
  • 5-year recovery plans
  • Long-term case management
  • Individual counseling
  • Trauma-informed care

If you’re ready to take back control of your life, it’s time to begin making serious changes. Want to begin with our residential addiction treatment program? Contact Ken Seeley Rehab today at (855) 425-8094.