Sober Living Program at Ken Seeley Rehab

Wondering what the next step is in your recovery journey? Interested in a sober living program? Please visit our Ken Seeley Communities page for more information on our two sober living facilities, The Palm Tee and The Alexander.

The Palm Tee

For the men’s sober living program you need, head to The Palm Tee. This location makes the transition into life outside of treatment not only possible, but enjoyable. The Palm Tee is a safe and welcoming environment for those ready to take this next step. Clients at this location benefit from accomodations unavialable in other programs. Here, we provide easily accessible leadership and support that’s crucial to your success. The Palm dedicates itself to helping clients thrive in an environment that promotes healing. We provide full amenities that include comfortable sleeping arrangements, access to internet, and full kitchenettes.

The Alexander

When you need a women’s sober living program, you need The Alexander. This facility is just south of the downtown Palm Springs area. Dramatic mountain views surround The Alexander, making it a breathtaking area to heal. The house was originally built in 1956, but has recently undergone rennovations. The Alexander provides a safe hideaway for healing and focusing on the next chapters of the recovery journey. We combine staff support with ideal amenities in a calming, relaxing environment. This location makes it easy for clients to walk to local 12-step meetings while also being secluded from the hustle and bustle of city activity. Our amenities include internet access, fully-equipped kitchens, and comfortable living spaces. Both single and double occupancy rooms are available.

Learn More About Our Sober Living Program

Ken Seeley Rehab is here to provide the full continuum of care you or your loved one needs to achieve the goal of long-lasting recovery. Through our range of addiction treatment programs, we give our clients and their families the chance they deserve. We also strive to make family involvement a top priority throughout the entire treatment process. The recovery journey doesn’t end after your stay at residential treatment. Recovery is a constant journey of self-awareness and self-growth that requires the support of your loved ones and team. A sober living program is one of many steps that help you prepare for life outside of treatment. To learn more about our available sober living program, contact Ken Seeley Rehab today at (855) 425-8094. We look forward to helping you on your journey.