It’s never too soon or too late to get your teen to seek adolescent treatment services …

Is Your Teen on Drugs?

Are you concerned about your teen’s behavior? Is your teen engaging in risky behavior? Do you suspect that he or she may have a problem with drugs and alcohol? If you are concerned, we understand. Reach out to Ken Seeley Rehab Center and let a member of our addiction treatment team help you evaluate your situation.

Every day, thousands of American teenagers use drugs and alcohol for the first time. Tragically, for some, this initial flirtation with adolescent rebellion can quickly turn into serious drug and alcohol addiction. If you are the parent, guardian, sibling, friend, teacher, or counselor of a teen who struggles with drug and alcohol abuse, you are already familiar with the devastation and pain that accompany teenage addiction. If a teen you love is throwing his/her young life away in the name of addiction, adolescent rebellion, etc., you CAN help, and intervention may be the answer.

You may find yourself wondering if it is “too soon” to seek addiction treatment programs for an adolescent. If you have done any preliminary research into addiction or addiction treatment, you are probably somewhat familiar with the idea that every drug abuser needs to “hit bottom” before he/she can accept help.  While there is some truth to this statement, Ken Seeley Rehab Center believes in the idea of “raising the bottom.” An intervention can be the event in a teen’s life that lets him/her know that enough is enough and that things don’t need to get any worse before they can get better.

More Than “Just a Phase”

Sometimes, it can be tempting to dismiss a serious problem as a “phase” that your teenager will eventually grow out of. Breaking the barrier of your own denial is crucial to getting your teen the help he/she deserves. If your teen exhibits any of the following behaviors, he or she may need one of our teen substance abuse treatment programs:

  • Skipping/missing school
  • Getting in trouble at school
  • Showing signs of depression and/or sharp mood swings
  • Run-ins with the law
  • Drop in grades
  • Sudden change in friends/peer group
  • Increased isolation from family
  • Increased irritability & irrational anger
  • Sleeping alarmingly more or less than usual
  • Denial of a problem when confronted

Learn More About Our Adolescent Treatment Services

Whether the teen in your life is engaging in mildly rebellious behavior or exhibiting more serious signs of drug and alcohol addiction, it is never too early to intervene.  At Ken Seeley Rehab Center, we can help you decide what course of action is most appropriate for your teen and your family. If you have any questions at all or would like more information about our services, please do not hesitate to call us at (855) 425-8094. We’re available toll-free, 24 hours a day.