Alcohol addiction refers to the compulsive nature of consuming alcohol with no regard to any personal obligations or negative health consequences. This form of addiction is also referred to as alcoholism or alcohol use disorder.


Alcohol is easily accessible for anyone over the age of 21. This makes it very easy for someone to succumb to peer pressures of drinking. Social gatherings like weddings and holiday parties often make alcohol a stable party favor. In many instances, people begin to believe the only way they are able to have fun is with alcohol.


Alcohol Addiction affects the entire family of the addicted individual. Family and friends are often asked to be part of the recovery process in the form of family therapy. Family therapy is an important element in the treatment of individuals suffering from alcohol use disorder.


There are many different programs available for alcoholism. Depending on the level a care a person needs will depend on the type of treatment they should seek. For the most part, a person will either choose a residential treatment program or an outpatient treatment program.


There are various degrees of each of these types of treatments. However, basically a residential program requires the patient to live on-site and outpatient program means they attend treatment and then go home.


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