Dual Diagnosis refers to when a person is suffering from two behavioral or mental disorders. This is also called “co-occurring conditions.” Usually one of the disorders is substance abuse.


Individuals who suffer from dual diagnosis are often unaware that they have two disorders co-occurring. Usually, one condition is what causes the other. It is unclear whether substance abuse more commonly causes mental illness or visa versa because medical professionals have seen instances of both.


Treatment for this type of disorder is challenging and requires an in-depth approach that addresses each disorder independently. It is important that the facility specialize in this form of treatment so the person can heal from both disorders. It is not uncommon that people suffering from dual diagnosis relapse due to one condition not being addressed.


Common mental illnesses that may co-occur with substance abuse include:

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder


There are many different forms of therapies and treatments available for those suffering from co-occurring disorders. Individualized therapy in the form of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is one of these.


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