In today’s society, substance abuse and addiction remain prominent issues in many communities throughout the country. Especially in the state of California, drug and alcohol use is at an all-time high with no signs of slowing down. To prevent yourself from becoming another statistic, it’s time to seek out the substance abuse treatment programs that work.

Self-Discovery and Understanding through Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

young woman in need of substance abuse treatment programsThrough substance abuse treatment programs, clients learn more about themselves than ever before. Through counseling and different therapy modalities, individuals gain new insight into the reasons behind their substance abuse. Individualized counseling lets clients work one-on-one with a therapist to reach these understandings together. Instead of a therapist simply telling the person why they use illicit substances, prompted conversation helps the client reach these realizations. Understanding triggers that lead to substance abuse can help keep clients on the right path after they leave treatment.

The Need for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

As you learn about your triggers and the reasons behind your substance abuse, you may discover other issues at play. For many, a mental health disorder is behind their substance abuse or addiction. An undiagnosed mental health disorder can lead to using substance abuse to manage symptoms without even realizing it. Through dual diagnosis treatment, clients can receive attention and care for both issues at once to help the effectiveness of their overall treatment.

Family Involvement in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

While the staff at your detox center can provide you with crucial support, your system isn’t complete without your family. That’s why Ken Seeley Rehab believes in including family members and loved ones during every step of the recovery process. From the moment your loved ones express their concern, our addiction treatment team is by your side helping both you and your family navigate the difficult journey ahead. Not only will you receive the support you need, but your family also receives support as well. When your family isn’t sure how to step in and help you, our team is. Sobriety is never a journey that one should travel alone, so let our substance abuse treatment programs be the guide you and your family can rely on.

The Ken Seeley Rehab Difference

When it comes to the best substance abuse treatment programs California can provide, turn to the experts at Ken Seeley Rehab. We believe that sobriety is possible, but the work doesn’t stop after the treatment ends. That’s why our programs enable us to provide ongoing support to our clients, even after they leave our facility. Our founder believes in the sobriety journey because he’s still on his today.

Our services include:

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